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Sizing & Products

Q: I'm unsure of my bra size, what should I do?
A: We understand that fit can be tricky so we recommend getting sized at your local bra fitter. In the US, most women wear one to two sizes smaller than their actual bra size, the national average being a 36DD. If you’re between sizes, we recommend sizing up. You can also refer to our size guide.

Q: The seams crack when I put on my bra. Does it mean it’s defective?
A: No, this can happen occasionally due to the way the garment is sewn. Rest assured, the cracking occurs inside the seams and will not affect the stitching or the fit.

Q: Is Land of Women skincare vegan?
A: Yes!

Q: Is the mesh swim-friendly?
A: No, the mesh is not swim-friendly, but all of our supersoft pieces are!

Q: How do I care for the swim-friendly supersoft pieces when I wear them in the water?
A: Simply rinse them in cold water when you’re done swimming and let them hang dry, or lay them flat.

Shipping, Returns and Orders

Q: My bra doesn’t fit, what do I need to do next?
A: We offer free domestic shipping on all returns and exchanges. Please visit our returns/exchange policy page here for further instructions. 

Q: Why don’t you allow returns on skincare and bottoms?
A: For sanitary reasons, we cannot allow returns on these items.

Q: USPS says my package was delivered but I don’t see it in my mailbox, what should I do?
A: Sometimes USPS will notify you of a delivery a day or two early. If your package hasn’t arrived within two days of the notification, we recommend calling your local USPS office. Please note that we are not responsible for missing or stolen items.